Fit Friday + Welcome Video!

Here is your Welcome Video ladies! You will be posting/sending your weigh in pictures either tomorrow or Sunday! You submit them through dietbet, and also email them to! I hope this video answered some questions, but if you still have any, please feel free to send me an email.! I believe that people can sign up until the 2nd, so still share this! We have a two way tie for inviting 1 friend, Just invite 2 and you could win!! See you guys on Monday! I can't believe it's almost here!


Soda Stream Review!

I am SO excited about this review! Nick and I have been eyeing one of these for awhile, and totally jumped at the chance to try it out for you guys!
I was SO shocked at everything that we recieved, it was HUGE boxes!
The Soda Stream Source is honestly so much sleeker than I imagined.  We live in a condo, and have lots of appliances (Hello Keurig,) and don't have a ton of counter top space.  The Source is something that can be easily tucked away.

We received the Soda Stream Source-

"What makes a product simply genius? A beautiful design. Simplicity. Convenience. And the fact that every time you use it, you are making the planet a cleaner place to live. Powered by a reusable CO2 canister, the refined mechanics of the all-new SodaStream Source make the entire top surface responsive to touch to quickly transform water into soda. An LED display indicates three levels of fizziness for precise carbonation with every use, while a new snap-lock bottle mechanism makes the Source even easier to use." - Sodastream

We also got a variety of flavors to try! The root beer was mine and hubby's favorite! We also liked the convince of it, we don't drink soda a ton, but it is nice to have it there and ready for whenever you do!

I would have to say that my favorite thing about using the soda stream, is that once your CO2 tank is empty, you can take it to any retailer, and get another one half off when you trade in the old one! Heck yeah! You can find replacements conveniently at like Target, or Bed Bath and Beyond.

I find that this is an excellent thing to add to your kitchen counter whether you drink soda all the time, or just occasionally.  Not a soda drinker? They have water flavors as well! 


Thundershirt Review! + Paisley Saturdays

Welcome to Paisley Saturdays! I don't typically post on the weekends, but I figured I will save all my puppy related posts for Saturdays!
If you know our dog, you know that he is a 65 pound Hot Mess most of the time.  He is a boxer/coonhound mix, and definitely acts like a boxer. We have only lived in an apartment and a condo since we've had him, so he always has really bad anxiety about us leaving, and we can't exactly let him "bark it out."

We have been trying some calming vitamens from GNC pets, that have seemed to help some, but since you have to give them so far in advance, it is kind of a pain.  So whenever Thundershirt offered to let me review one of their shirt's for our Paisley. I was SO excited!

I ordered a thundershirt in size L, and it fit him perfectly, which is quite a task.  I was pleasantly surprised.

He has a long neck, big rib cage, and tiny belly, so finding anything to even remotely fit is a task.

The idea behind it, is to swaddle your dog.  He looked so cute all bundled up (He' shy haha.) Whenever I first opened it, I was very confused on how to actually put it in him, but the diagrams were very helpful.

It fit like a glove! I knew we were in business when Paisley didn't even act like he had anything on.  We did find that the combination of the vitamins and the Thundershirt made a huge help! I'm sure our neighbors are pretty happy too! He gets pretty anxious during car rides too, so next road trip, we'll be testing it out in the car too! I am dying to test out the thunderleash and thunderspray next!


Fit Friday + Our largest weight loss compeition sponsor + exciting updates!

Everyone say hello to Empower Fitness. They are our main Sponsor for this competition! (Sponsor as in I got products for you guys, not getting paid!)

I am SO excited to be working with Empower Fitness. Here is a little info off their website, to learn a little more about who they are!

"Be active. Be healthy. Be strong.

What do you want? Is it to fit into your “skinny” jeans? Bare your shoulders? Keep up with your children? YOU CAN DO IT, and Empower will be with you on your journey—to guide you, support you, and educate you.
At Empower, we care about the total you—body, mind, and spirit. We know that you want it all; to be healthy, active, and physically fit. We know you want to look AND feel great.
Our passion for healthy living brings it all together—helping you incorporate fitness and wellness into your lifestyle in a way that is practical and fun.
Empower ISN’T about quick fixes or false promises. Empower IS about real-life solutions that incorporate fitness, workout routines, nutrition, and wellness expertise for women just like you, living full lives, who want to be the best they can be.
Designed exclusively for women by women, Empower offers fitness products; world-renowned trainers; nutritional expertise; and online communities to help you reach your goals.
Empower is here to inspire and motivate you to be active, healthy, and strong. It's your moment of truth, now MAKE YOUR MOVE to Empower."

Amazing right? Doesn't that just pump you up!
Their website is super easy to navigate! You can see all the products they offer, BUT you guys can get your hands on them! The first 15 people to sign up will recieve both of these goodies to help you reach your goal! Get your bets/emails in ASAP! We only have 10 days people! 
You will recieve: One set of 2lb walking wights, also great for Kickboxing, aerobics, etc. & One jump rope-this thing is fancy!
I'm sure empower fitness has some other surprises up their sleeve ;)
They also have a gallery of work-outs/workout guides for you to use! I prefer to work at  home, so I love these!

I do have some updates on the competition.
I changed the game up a little bit, to better fit everyone.  We will now be placing $10 bets at dietbet here.
Since this is the first one of these, you now do NOT have to be in the dietbet to be part of the competition.  BUT I highly recommend it, you are more likely to lose weight if you have money on the line, right?
Also- I will still be making prize packs for the top two winners-but also the top winner who is involved with the dietbet will also get a separate prize. You could win TWO prizes! Yep!

The other rules are the same, whether you are going to be participating in the dietbet or not.
  -You will submit to (dietbet and/or myself) two photos of yourself. One is a full head-to-toe shot. The second photo is of your feet standing on the scale showing your weight with a unique word given to you(by either dietbet or myself) written on an index card. The unique word is one method to prevent cheating. I can also help monitor it. I can promise that this information will be kept confidential, and will be used for determining the giveaways, as diet bet doesnt give me as much information as I'd like.
-For the next 4 weeks, really paid attention to what you eat and exercise!-Using your Empower Fitness materials!
     -At the end of the 4 weeks, you will to repeat the two photo process except this time with a new unique word, again to prevent cheating. (You will also again, send them to me, Diet bet does not calculate an overall winner-just as long as you met your requirement, you split the pot. ) 
Hopefully this clarifies somethings up! To sign up, please send me an email or a message on facebook. I will be creating a group on facebook for us, so you can join that as well!


YOYO lipgloss review + giveaway

Yoyo lipgloss is someone that I have worked with a long time ago, so I was excited when they wanted to do it again!

These are the NEW Justice exclusive retractable lipglosses! Aren't they so cute? I would've loved this kind of thing as a little girl.

These bad boys are only available in Justice stores, or on  They come in three different flavors: Berry, Bubblegum, and Kiwi!  Plus they are interchangeable! I know a few little girls that will love these :)

I even have the chance to give one of these away! Enter the super easygiveaway below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Wantable Makeup Box Review

I am so excited about this review! Meet Wantable! Wantable offers 4 to 5 full-sized premium makeup products, hand-picked to perfectly match your preferences, which is awesome because each box is unique! They also offer intimates and jewelry boxes, again customized to your preferences. Wantable allows you to return the box if you aren’t totally 100% happy. You just go into your account, go to your order history and click “Return Items” and you’ll get a prepaid label and a full refund. No risks! I love it!  
Because they are so custom, each information card is also custom :) The January Makeup Box featured Jessica Scull! 

This was a "Prime Foundation Brush" from Michael Marcus ($20) that I received. I LOVE makeup brushes.  I did find this one a bit small for a foundation brush, but I started using it to apply makeup primer and love it! 

The sample I recieved was from Sorme and was a "Under Foundation Makeup Enhancer" which seems to be a primer, I have been on the hunt for the perfect foundation primer, so I'm excited to test this out!
 I also recieved a full size product from Sorme.  "Long Lasting Blush in Wild Rose." I LOVE this color. It is extremely pigmented.  It says you can also use it wet, which is interesting.  It definitely has a natural "blush" appearance. 
OMG I'M IN LOVE! This is the "Clear Brow Gel" by Billion Dollar Brows.($18)  I am SUCH a brow person, and absolutely love this.  It locks them in, without looking wet or crispy.  

The last full size product I recieved was a "LaBella Donna Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Black."($25) I'm honestly a little disappointed with this one. I honestly don't care for this style liner, and that could be my downfall.  I find that when you apply it, it can look dark, but you have to press harder to get a deep black, and that is just messy. It doesnt give me that crisp black line like my liquid liner does. BUT it is nice, as far as these go. 

There is my review on this box! I hope you check it out! :)


Therapearl Review + 2nd Weightloss Competition Sponsor

I have always had neck and back issues, so when Therapearl offered a review of their Neck Wrap I was all over it!

I was really impressed with the fact that you could use it hot OR cold! This is great when it has been recommended to alternate between the two!

You can see that it is shaped especially for the neck and shoulder area, so it stays on perfectly! It is also really easy to bend, even when its frozen!

"THERA°PEARL is the doctor-designed, drug-free way to relieve pain and inflammation associated with muscle strains and sprains, swelling from surgery, spa treatments and allergies, and a host of other pain-producing conditions. All natural, hypoallergenic and non-toxic, THERA°PEARL packs use an innovative Pearl Technology that absorbs and delivers heat and cold for the doctor recommended 20 minutes of highly effective therapy. Their dual action provides twice the therapeutic benefit in a single pack: users can start with ice to reduce swelling and bruising, then switch to heat for penetrating pain relief."

Therapearl is even giving me one of these guys to give away to a lucky winner! I think this is the PERFECT addition to an increase in exercise!  Join our weight loss competition here to get a chance at this bad boy! Or get your own here 

Fit Friday: Bskinz Review + Introducing Our First Weightloss Competition Sponser

Welcome back to Fit Fridays!  I thought the perfect post for today, would be to feature one of our Weightloss Competition prize sponsers!

Bskinz apparel and accessories are a great way to add sass to your workout attire!  I have to wear black and white to work, so I LOVE neon for my workouts! A HUGE plus is that all their products are made in the USA! WOO! They have SUCH a wide range of product, for kids and adults!

I received a pair of compression shorts in this awesome pattern! I can't wait to wear them! I also received a matching headband :) BUT I'm sure you see two headbands in the picture..right? That's because one of the headbands is going into the prizes for the winners of our weightloss compeition!

I hope you join us!

Introducing Fit Fridays!...A bit early :)

Weightloss Compeition Update!

I have set up the dietbet, so you have 3 weeks to get prepared, and get your bets in!
Diet Bet

That link will take you directly to our game! It IS an open game, so feel free to share it with your friends and family! 

I have also posted a Diet Bet Fact Sheet- I got this directly off the site. Hopefully this answers some questions! If you have anymore-please shoot me an email!
DietBet is a social dieting game that uses friendly competition and money to motivate people to lose weight in 4-week contests.

Quick Facts

  • Getting Started. You can set up a game with friends or join one hosted by DietBet.
  • Inviting Players. Game organizers and players can invite players by email and Facebook.
  • Official Weigh-Ins. Players must submit an official weigh-in at the start of the game (up to 48 hours before the game starts). This entails two photos in accordance with our weigh-in guidelines. DietBet Referees review and approve all weigh-ins confidentially. At the end of the game, players who have reached their goal are asked to perform a second official weigh-in to verify weight loss. The "weigh-out" window opens after the end of Day 28 and last 48 hours. After 48 hours, results are ratified and the pot, minus DietBetter's cut, is divided up evenly among all the winners.
  • DietBet 4 vs DietBet 10. DietBet 4 is a "kickstarter" that motivates players to get in shape in a fun, social way. The goal is to lose 4% in 4 weeks. DietBet 10 is a "transformer" to help players make sustainable, long-term lifestyle changes. The goal is 10% in 6 months with interim goals along the way (see how it works here). We chose 10% because it is a clinically meaningful goal; overweight individuals who lose 10% significantly reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease and type-2 diabetes. DietBet 4 has one pot. DietBet 10 has five monthlong "rounds" with interim pots and a final jackpot at the end. There are also incentives to weigh-in officially at least once a week.
  • Devices and Apps. DietBet lets players import data from RunKeeper, MapMyFitness, Withings.
  • Privacy. Players may choose whether to reveal or hide their weight within the game.
  • Self-Reporting. Players are encouraged to post their weights during the game via our website or mobile app. Self-reported weigh-ins are aren't official—they let players track their progress with a chart. Only official weigh-ins, verified by DietBet's Referees, are used to determine the winners.
  • Rules. DietBet provides its players with a comprehensive ruleset for DietBet 4 and DietBet 10 games. The rules specify everything from what to wear at weigh-ins ("airport-security attire") to what happens if no one reaches the goal (the person closest percentagewise is declared the winner).
  • Mobile App. A DietBet iPhone app lets players conveniently post comments, update their weight, and upload photos throughout the game. The app also facilitates official weigh-ins.
  • Daily Carrot Newsletter. Players may elect to receive the Daily Carrot, with motivational tips.
  • How DietBetter Makes Money. DietBet keeps a variable cut of the pot to cover transaction costs, overhead, Referees, customer service, etc. The company reinvests all of its proceeds into research and development of new features and products.
  • Safe Weight-Loss. There is no advantage to players crossing the finish line first or for losing the most weight. Everyone who reaches his or her weight target is declared a "winner" and splits the pot equally with the other winners. In addition, players are disqualified for losing too much weight during the course of the game (see DietBet 4 and DietBet 10 rules for specifics) and players whose winning BMI would be considered "underweight" by NIH standards (under 18.5) may not play. Our games are open only to adults 18 and older.
  • Deterring Cheating. DietBetter uses human Referees and a strict photo-based weigh-in process with a dynamic player-specific codeword to verify weight loss. We regularly audit players and use proprietary algorithms to detect suspicious behavior. As part of our auditing process we require certain players to submit extra proof of their weight loss in the form of a video weigh-in.
  • Bonus Stakes. In addition to betting for money, players often play for "bonus stakes" with carrots like extra vacation days and premium parking spots and sticks like cleaning the office refrigerator or cooking dinner for the winners. Bonus stakes are optional and set by the players and organizers.
  • Global. DietBet supports pounds and kilograms and has no geographical restrictions. To date we have had players from over 70 countries.
  • Not Gambling. DietBetting is a skill-based game whose outcome is within the players' control. Players bet on themselves, with no luck involved.
  • Private. DietBetter is a privately held company. For information about investment opportunities, contact support and ask to be connected with Investor Relations. DietBet is a US trademark.
Hopefully this helps some!

GIVEAWAY! E-sentials Box

This was my first "time of the month box" that I have tried.  But I love the idea.  Periods aren't very fun, and neither is having to purchase the products you need for it.  E-Sentials sends you an assortment of razors, pads, deodorant, and tampons, to you door each month.  They have different levels of plan that determines what will be included in your box.  My favorite part is that you can customize what you receive, just in-case you only use one or the other.
There are 3 different options.  
For $16 a month, you recieve 20 Pads/Tampons, 3 disposable razors, and deodorant.  
For $13 a month, you recieve 20 Pads/Tampons & 3 disposable razors.  
For $10 a month, you recieve 20 Pads/Tampons.

You have several choices for tampons and deodorant, but not pads.  I am not super picky, but I do hope they add more brands to choose from in the future.

My final thoughts-is that this box isn't a great value, it is more about convience, which I am totally okay with. 

 The giveaway is for 1-first month free box! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


I know that I have been hinting towards a weightloss competition for a few weeks now. This is totally in the works, and details may change, but this is what I have so far:
-I am planning to start this on Monday Feb 3rd, as I know most people consider Monday a "fresh week."
-I will have "Fit Friday" posts that I will post my progress each month, this is also a place if you would like, to post yours! I will also be showing recipes, workouts, etc! (Maybe even a giveaway or two.) seems like the most convenient, safest, and fairest way to go.  They can monitor everyone fairly.
      -How Dietbet works: Simply put, you have to lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks.
When you join the game you “ante up” (i.e., pay) the stakes specified by the game (Mine will be $10.)  At the end of the 4 weeks, the total pot (minus a cut that keeps) is divided equally among everyone who successfully lost 4% of their body weight. Easy right? Cool. 
     -The first step of the game is the weigh-in. DietBet implements several strategies to prevent cheating, so be warned. You will submit to DietBet two photos of yourself. One is a full head-to-toe shot. The second photo is of your feet standing on the scale showing your weight with a unique word given to you by DietBet written on an index card. The unique word is one method DietBet employs to prevent cheating. YAY. I will require these pictures also be sent to me, so I can also help monitor it. I can promise that this information will be kept confidential, and will be used for determining the giveaways, as diet bet doesnt give me as much information as I'd like.       -For the next 4 weeks, really paid attention to what you eat and exercise! (I am in the works of recruiting a fitness/nutrition coach to also be a part of this, and available for meal plans, workout plans, or questions you might have.)
     -At the end of the 4 weeks, you will to repeat the two photo process except this time with a new unique word, again to prevent cheating.(You will also again, send them to me, Diet bet does not calculate an overall winner-just as long as you met your requirement, you split the pot. ) 
      -Dietbet also creates a place for us to be social, and pump up one another, they even have an app! This is all about accountability.

I will be making giftpacks for the 1st and 2nd place winners! This will include a mix of goodies, as well as getting some awesome products sent directly to you from a few special companies!
UPDATE: The dietbet is up! Here is the link! 
I am OH SO open to any ideas y'all might have to make this a better experience! Just message me or leave them in the comments :)
Please be honest in this process.  Cheating and Lying will only be selling yourself short.

NeoCell Review + Giveaway!

Neocell sent me two products to check out! They were their newest producs : Beauty Bursts, which are gourmet chews with beauty nutrition, and the Keratin Hair Volumizer.

The Beauty Bursts that I got were Mint Chocolate...Not exactly my favorite flavor, but they totally weren't bad.
My hair is extremely thick, but I am trying to grow it out, so hopefully the Keratin Hair Volumzier will work for that! 

I have a coupon code for you, just incase you aren't the winner, or don't want to wait!
Check it out at with the Coupon code CIP001 for $5 off $20, or $10 off $40 (New Customers Only.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

REVIEW: Guylian Belgian Chocolate + Giveaway

I have the worlds most delicious review for you today!
Introducing Guylian Belgian Chocolate

" Guylian is the world’s favourite Belgian chocolate.  Guylian “ultra-indulgent” luxurious chocolate seashells are 100% pure, silky smooth, dark and white Belgian chocolate and are filled with our rich & creamy signature hazelnut filling.  The Guylian brand dates back to the late 1950’s when Guy Foubert, a passionate Belgian chocolatier married his love, Liliane, who then joined names creating Chocolaterie Guylian. Today, Guylian crafts the finest authentic Belgian Chocolate Truffles, utilizing the original handmade recipe of Guy and Liliane.  Our original signature truffle recipe is still made in small-batch copper kettles exclusively by Guylian’s Master Chocolatiers in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium"

My family and I LOVED testing out all these goodies.  I think the vanilla ones were my favorite!  They came so beautifully sent, all cool in an ice-chest. (Not at all what I was expecting, such a pleasant surprise.)

This is HANDS DOWN the BIGGEST giveaway I have had on the blog yet.  I can NOT wait for the winner to recieve their goodies! :) 

One winner (1) will receive the following Guylian Artisanal Belgian Chocolate products, or similar:

One – 22 piece marbled chocolate seashell truffles
One – 22 piece extra dark chocolate seashell truffles  
Two - 6 piece chocolate seashells truffles
Four - 2 piece marbled chocolate seahorse truffles
One - No Sugar Added Milk Chocolate Bar
One - No Sugar Added 54% Dark Chocolate Bar


This ends Jan 31!  Don't miss out! 

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REVIEW: Bikeloot

This was the first company I got in contact with, when I decided to relaunch the blog, so I am pretty excited to finally do this review!

I am SO not an athlete or biker-but I am trying to get in shape, so I figured I would give this BikeLoot box a go!

This is a pretty awesome subscription box at only $9-$11 a month. I even have a coupon code for you-so check out the bottom of this post!

This box comes with an AMAZINGLY detailed information card..swoon! Especially since I am so not into the cycling-lingo.  The first thing I got was from Nibnaks.  These snacks are made from all-natural dried fruit, nuts, and seeds, YUMMO!

The next thing is Sportea. How awesome of an idea! It is used as an alternative to workout drinks-which typically contain tons of sugar.  There is also the energems...which appear to be like M&M but an energy booster...interesting concept. Will have to try and report back. They also sent me this awesome bag!

The last few products were a shine product for your bicycle, I dont, so I can pass this along to someone who does! I love the little bottle though, perfect for keeping in your backpack for on the go!I also recieved some Kool N Fit Pain Relieving Spray.  I have been having issues with my knee, and will totally be trying this out!

We also recieved a $10 giftcard to iTrain, I can't wait to use this!

I have a coupon code for you guys as always! Use LOOTME3 for $3 off your box! What a total steal! :)


Review: Easy Canvas Prints

 This was by far one of my favorite reviews I have gotten to do so far!  I LOVE nesting and decorating, and jumped at the chance to review a beautiful canvas from

We recieved a complimentary 8 x 10 canvas, and I am in LOVE.  I love our wedding pictures, and knew I wanted to use one of these.  I was so impressed with everything about this!

The customer service was amazing! They are so quick to answer!  I was surprised by the giant box that it came in, but it was so well wrapped and protected! This is something that will be displayed in our house for years to come! Check it out for yourselves! These would also make amazing gifts :)

Check this link out here to find some great deals and coupon codes!


REVIEW: Mia Tempo Box + Giveaway Day 2!

 I am SOOOO excited to bring you guys this review. I have been waiting awhile to share this with y'all!

I think it would be best to explain a little about Mia Tempo, as it is not your average subscription service.

"Mia Tempo was started with the hope that we could in some small way make a positive difference in the lives of women everywhere.  Our goal is to help women everywhere take a much needed break by letting them experience a little ‘Me-Time’ every month so they can look and feel their best.  This mission is coupled with a passion for all-natural & organic skin care products and at-home spa & beauty treatments and voila!"Mia Tempo


You guys know how I feel about information cards.. I LOVE them! This came in a nice envelope, almost like a card. It had not only just info about what you got, but also a little relaxing routine you could do with what you got! It also shares about how a portion of the proceeds from every box is donated to a non-profit that helps women! Isn't that amazing?!

I recieved two Tea Forte tea bags, as well as a bonus satchet of Apricot Amaretto tea. I am on a HUGE tea kick, so I was super happy to see these! Plus they are ADORABLE.


The next few things I got are from Soothing Botanicals.  They are all in the same scent.  It includes the Amber + Fig scented Dead Sea Bath Soak, Cream Body Scrub, and Deep Moisture Lotion.  This smell isn't horrible, but also isn't my favorite.  I think I need to try them all out before I make my final decision!
 You can probably tell from my blog that I LOVE candles. This one is no exception.  It is from a brand called Paddywax, and looks to be part of a Library collection.  I got the scent "Jane Austen." It is a very floral scent, I pick up a lot of Gardenia, but it smells amazing and clean!

The next two things I got were from Wild Carrot Herbals.  I recieved a Wild Rose eye cream, which looks super enticing.  As you can see, there is a package of powder.  It is actually a face mask that you mix "rose honey" & water with.  I don't know how I feel about something that you have to mix something else with, but I'm excited to see how it works. It's a cool idea!

I got a special little gift, which was a facial moisturizer from Green Visions.  Its "Wine and Berries" scented. I love the idea of this, my only worry is the little seeds inside it. I hope those don't transfer to my face! I can't wait to try it out though!

SOOOO many goodies, and the presentation is phenominal! I give this box a total 5/5!

This is 39.95 for one month (Free Shipping.) You get a discount when you buy multiple months.  I do say this is totally worth it, this isn't something full of just sample sizes, you get BIG full size products.

BUT, the exciting news is that I get to host a giveaway for ONE free Mia Tempo box for y'all!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Can't wait to see who wins! You're gonna love it!


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