Thundershirt Review! + Paisley Saturdays

Welcome to Paisley Saturdays! I don't typically post on the weekends, but I figured I will save all my puppy related posts for Saturdays!
If you know our dog, you know that he is a 65 pound Hot Mess most of the time.  He is a boxer/coonhound mix, and definitely acts like a boxer. We have only lived in an apartment and a condo since we've had him, so he always has really bad anxiety about us leaving, and we can't exactly let him "bark it out."

We have been trying some calming vitamens from GNC pets, that have seemed to help some, but since you have to give them so far in advance, it is kind of a pain.  So whenever Thundershirt offered to let me review one of their shirt's for our Paisley. I was SO excited!

I ordered a thundershirt in size L, and it fit him perfectly, which is quite a task.  I was pleasantly surprised.

He has a long neck, big rib cage, and tiny belly, so finding anything to even remotely fit is a task.

The idea behind it, is to swaddle your dog.  He looked so cute all bundled up (He' shy haha.) Whenever I first opened it, I was very confused on how to actually put it in him, but the diagrams were very helpful.

It fit like a glove! I knew we were in business when Paisley didn't even act like he had anything on.  We did find that the combination of the vitamins and the Thundershirt made a huge help! I'm sure our neighbors are pretty happy too! He gets pretty anxious during car rides too, so next road trip, we'll be testing it out in the car too! I am dying to test out the thunderleash and thunderspray next!



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