Hi! We are the Terry's! So glad you found our happy little blog.
I'm Kaley.  I am a 21 year old newlywed.  I live with my husband, and our four legged son.  His name is Paisley, and he is a boxer/coonhound/horse mix ;)  I always caught somewhere between being a wifey-puppymommy-fulltimestudent-fulltimeemployee-dreamingbusinessowner-perfecthousewife.  My life is always a rollercoaster.

My major changes with the seasons, so who knows where I will end up.  I currently work for a company that I love, but I have always had a huge desire to be a business owner. 

I'm the type of girl who trips over air, stutters when she gets excited, and always giggles at her own jokes.  My heart is caught somewhere between Nashville, TN and Jacksonville, FL, but I truly want to travel the world.  I always have my nose stuck in a book..er..iPad.   I also help run a book blog, check us out! Pagetrotter.blogspot.com
Please email me anytime at futuremrsterry@gmail.com I'd love to hear from you.
I also have an instagram @lifeasanewmrs


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