& the newest member of the Terry family is....


We went and looked at this last night, and went to test drive it this morning & fell in love.  First of all, I have to say that GOD IS SOO GOOD!!!! Ask & he will provide!

It was a lot of stress, but on this day, 12/12/12 (of all days) Nick & I have officially purchased our first car together! Yippee!

Words of advice for any couples car shopping: take the time to be on the SAME PAGE.  Our salesmen was polite and stepped out the room, and gave us time to make the decision together! Now we get to cruise around in our new little go-kart!

It'll be interesting to see how Paisley reacts to riding around in it. He's going to miss the truck! We all will, but this is just another step in us building our lives together!

On the less positive note of it all, I am sick. Like SICK SICK.
This is my life right now

I barely slept a wink last night, so that brought on me almost falling asleep on the salesmen's desk. not to mention me trying to talk as little as possible..that ruins my filming plans for tomorrow. So thankful for the amazing people I work with to give me a Sick Day!

Happy 12/12/12 everyone!

Cars and Pleather

I needed to get that out.  Now I feel like I can function.

This was my outfit yesterday.  Little did I know when we took this pictures that things would be put into overdrive.  This was my work outfit, we took the pictures before we left.  Nick was taking me to work, then he was going to go start looking at cars.  Now for a quick backstory.  When we first moved here, we were in the market for a vehicle.  Worst came to worst and we just bought a clunker, thinking it would at least get us mobile for a few months......NOT
It broke down about 2-3 weeks later, and we basically got screwed out of 2,000$.  YAY..not.

We knew that this time around, we didn't want to rush into getting anything.  Nick had been having a few issues with his truck, but nothing major.

Well, yesterday we started our search. (More like Nick started looking while he sent me updates.)
We didn't find anything that we fell in love with, and figured we could go look on Thursday while I have the day off...Apparently Nick's truck had other plans.

This morning...

It might have a mind of it's own, and realized it was on its way out.

Anyway, the Lord is good.  We went and saw a car tonight, and am going to apply for it in the morning. Fingers Crossed!

P.S. This skirt was SUCH A FIND. 8.98 Clearance at Target.  I couldn't get a decent picture of the detailing but there are little Hello Kitty symbols on it. So cute!

Top-Forever 21
Belt & Necklace- Charming Charlie
Ring-Engagement Ring from Kay's


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