Wantable Makeup Box Review

I am so excited about this review! Meet Wantable! Wantable offers 4 to 5 full-sized premium makeup products, hand-picked to perfectly match your preferences, which is awesome because each box is unique! They also offer intimates and jewelry boxes, again customized to your preferences. Wantable allows you to return the box if you aren’t totally 100% happy. You just go into your account, go to your order history and click “Return Items” and you’ll get a prepaid label and a full refund. No risks! I love it!  
Because they are so custom, each information card is also custom :) The January Makeup Box featured Jessica Scull! 

This was a "Prime Foundation Brush" from Michael Marcus ($20) that I received. I LOVE makeup brushes.  I did find this one a bit small for a foundation brush, but I started using it to apply makeup primer and love it! 

The sample I recieved was from Sorme and was a "Under Foundation Makeup Enhancer" which seems to be a primer, I have been on the hunt for the perfect foundation primer, so I'm excited to test this out!
 I also recieved a full size product from Sorme.  "Long Lasting Blush in Wild Rose." I LOVE this color. It is extremely pigmented.  It says you can also use it wet, which is interesting.  It definitely has a natural "blush" appearance. 
OMG I'M IN LOVE! This is the "Clear Brow Gel" by Billion Dollar Brows.($18)  I am SUCH a brow person, and absolutely love this.  It locks them in, without looking wet or crispy.  

The last full size product I recieved was a "LaBella Donna Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Black."($25) I'm honestly a little disappointed with this one. I honestly don't care for this style liner, and that could be my downfall.  I find that when you apply it, it can look dark, but you have to press harder to get a deep black, and that is just messy. It doesnt give me that crisp black line like my liquid liner does. BUT it is nice, as far as these go. 

There is my review on this box! I hope you check it out! :)



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