GIVEAWAY DAY 1! DeodoMom's Deodorant

Happy New Year from the Terry's!

January will be FULL of Giveaways! Here is a great one to start us off!

I have heard the horror stories of what the aluminum in your deodorant can do to your body.  (I work in the body care industry.) Alzheimer's runs in my family, so I am more than willing to take all precautions to reduce my risk.
I have tried SO many brands of All-natural deodorant, and always end up going back to my toxin-filled junk, because I don't want to stink.  I have also tried a few that have immensely irritated my skin.  Having a rash on your pits is no bueno. 

I was super hesitant to try this-as I actually received it JUST after having a horrible reaction.  I had HUGE doubts about something only made of water & magnesium hydroxide.
Once I got some on my hand, I tried it on my hand first. Has such a strange texture, almost like corn starch and water.  But I figured I would give it a shot anyway..and I LOVE IT!
I am extremely OCD about smelling good.. and even have unnecessarily bought the clinical strength deodorants. I do like to pat on a little bit on deodorant powder (I use coconut from Lush, sadly being retired.)  But that is mainly because I like the scent. 

The idea behind this, was something that was safe for pregnant women to use, but of course anyone can use it!

I do have to add, that I prefer the roll-on, mainly for sanitary reasons.
The giveaway will have 5 winners, each reciviving their choice of a Roll-on, Jar, or Tottle! Good Luck!

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erica terry said...

Roll on :) Entered :)

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