GIVEAWAY! E-sentials Box

This was my first "time of the month box" that I have tried.  But I love the idea.  Periods aren't very fun, and neither is having to purchase the products you need for it.  E-Sentials sends you an assortment of razors, pads, deodorant, and tampons, to you door each month.  They have different levels of plan that determines what will be included in your box.  My favorite part is that you can customize what you receive, just in-case you only use one or the other.
There are 3 different options.  
For $16 a month, you recieve 20 Pads/Tampons, 3 disposable razors, and deodorant.  
For $13 a month, you recieve 20 Pads/Tampons & 3 disposable razors.  
For $10 a month, you recieve 20 Pads/Tampons.

You have several choices for tampons and deodorant, but not pads.  I am not super picky, but I do hope they add more brands to choose from in the future.

My final thoughts-is that this box isn't a great value, it is more about convience, which I am totally okay with. 

 The giveaway is for 1-first month free box! 

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Sarah Canevari said...

Love the convenience of the box!

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