Introducing Fit Fridays!...A bit early :)

Weightloss Compeition Update!

I have set up the dietbet, so you have 3 weeks to get prepared, and get your bets in!
Diet Bet

That link will take you directly to our game! It IS an open game, so feel free to share it with your friends and family! 

I have also posted a Diet Bet Fact Sheet- I got this directly off the site. Hopefully this answers some questions! If you have anymore-please shoot me an email!
DietBet is a social dieting game that uses friendly competition and money to motivate people to lose weight in 4-week contests.

Quick Facts

  • Getting Started. You can set up a game with friends or join one hosted by DietBet.
  • Inviting Players. Game organizers and players can invite players by email and Facebook.
  • Official Weigh-Ins. Players must submit an official weigh-in at the start of the game (up to 48 hours before the game starts). This entails two photos in accordance with our weigh-in guidelines. DietBet Referees review and approve all weigh-ins confidentially. At the end of the game, players who have reached their goal are asked to perform a second official weigh-in to verify weight loss. The "weigh-out" window opens after the end of Day 28 and last 48 hours. After 48 hours, results are ratified and the pot, minus DietBetter's cut, is divided up evenly among all the winners.
  • DietBet 4 vs DietBet 10. DietBet 4 is a "kickstarter" that motivates players to get in shape in a fun, social way. The goal is to lose 4% in 4 weeks. DietBet 10 is a "transformer" to help players make sustainable, long-term lifestyle changes. The goal is 10% in 6 months with interim goals along the way (see how it works here). We chose 10% because it is a clinically meaningful goal; overweight individuals who lose 10% significantly reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease and type-2 diabetes. DietBet 4 has one pot. DietBet 10 has five monthlong "rounds" with interim pots and a final jackpot at the end. There are also incentives to weigh-in officially at least once a week.
  • Devices and Apps. DietBet lets players import data from RunKeeper, MapMyFitness, Withings.
  • Privacy. Players may choose whether to reveal or hide their weight within the game.
  • Self-Reporting. Players are encouraged to post their weights during the game via our website or mobile app. Self-reported weigh-ins are aren't official—they let players track their progress with a chart. Only official weigh-ins, verified by DietBet's Referees, are used to determine the winners.
  • Rules. DietBet provides its players with a comprehensive ruleset for DietBet 4 and DietBet 10 games. The rules specify everything from what to wear at weigh-ins ("airport-security attire") to what happens if no one reaches the goal (the person closest percentagewise is declared the winner).
  • Mobile App. A DietBet iPhone app lets players conveniently post comments, update their weight, and upload photos throughout the game. The app also facilitates official weigh-ins.
  • Daily Carrot Newsletter. Players may elect to receive the Daily Carrot, with motivational tips.
  • How DietBetter Makes Money. DietBet keeps a variable cut of the pot to cover transaction costs, overhead, Referees, customer service, etc. The company reinvests all of its proceeds into research and development of new features and products.
  • Safe Weight-Loss. There is no advantage to players crossing the finish line first or for losing the most weight. Everyone who reaches his or her weight target is declared a "winner" and splits the pot equally with the other winners. In addition, players are disqualified for losing too much weight during the course of the game (see DietBet 4 and DietBet 10 rules for specifics) and players whose winning BMI would be considered "underweight" by NIH standards (under 18.5) may not play. Our games are open only to adults 18 and older.
  • Deterring Cheating. DietBetter uses human Referees and a strict photo-based weigh-in process with a dynamic player-specific codeword to verify weight loss. We regularly audit players and use proprietary algorithms to detect suspicious behavior. As part of our auditing process we require certain players to submit extra proof of their weight loss in the form of a video weigh-in.
  • Bonus Stakes. In addition to betting for money, players often play for "bonus stakes" with carrots like extra vacation days and premium parking spots and sticks like cleaning the office refrigerator or cooking dinner for the winners. Bonus stakes are optional and set by the players and organizers.
  • Global. DietBet supports pounds and kilograms and has no geographical restrictions. To date we have had players from over 70 countries.
  • Not Gambling. DietBetting is a skill-based game whose outcome is within the players' control. Players bet on themselves, with no luck involved.
  • Private. DietBetter is a privately held company. For information about investment opportunities, contact support and ask to be connected with Investor Relations. DietBet is a US trademark.
Hopefully this helps some!


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