REVIEW: Project Diy Subscription Box

Project DIY is a DIY craft subscription box, where they provide the materials needed to create your own jewelry and accessories.  Each month has a theme, the one I recieved was Joan of Arc.
I am not extremely crafty, but I was super happy with how the pieces turned out, I've even worn the necklace a few times!

This is the kind of packaging I long for! Companies, take note!  There is nothing better than product that comes in a nice, protective box.  I HATE envelopes, with a passion.
This was the inside of my box.  As you can see, there is a bracelet and a necklace to make.

Since this was my first month, I recieved a starter kit($20 value.)  You NEED these tools to do the projects, and they are wonderful quality.  I was super surprised with this addition!

This is what each little envelop looks like.  Each project comes in its own package, which is nice if you aren't doing them at the same time, also so you can keep track of what goes with what.
Here is the inside of the necklace package.  There was a bag with wire, and the necklace chain in it.  The other had the gems and rings.  My main complaint about this is that you have to download their app to get the instructions.  It is a smart marketing move, but a little annoying on the consumer end.
These were the items for the bracelet.  One other small complaint.  You used the glue on both projects, but you only got one syringe.  Again, what if I wanted to do them separately?  The gold cuff was a little snug on me, but it is also bendable.  I love that it came in this little pouch, so it didn't get scratched. Nice addition!
Here is my instagram photo of the finished projects.  It took me about 30 minutes to complete both, and I left them to dry overnight.  Both projects were pretty easy to complete.  The biggest thing was the tube beads on the sides of the necklace.  I am so proud of my jewelry! This is a GREAT gift idea!

The coupon code I have is PROJECT20.  You can recieve 20% off your first month's box!

Box was sent for review purposes.


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