REVIEW: Prize Candle + Happy New Year!

I absolutely LOVE this type of thing!  I have used the Diamond Candles before, and actually just recieved a few of those! I will be comparing the two.

I recieved a Prize Candle in the Blue Cypress scent.  I liked the scent at first, but as I burned it, It got a little overwhelming.
It is a soy candle, so it burns longer and stronger-which I am not used to, so that is probably why.  You NEED to get a scent that you LOVE. With that being said, this will literally burn FOREVER.

I recieved a cute little $10 ring in mine, I am not a huge fashion ring wearer-but It would make a really cute gift!

I think these types of candles are such a good deal.  This is the same if not more than you would pay at yankee candle, and you get the excitement of the ring too.  I honestly do have to say that I prefer Diamond Candle-because they are bigger for the same price. 

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Happy New year from our family to yours! Hope it is a great year for you and yours!
Stay tuned as January is FULL of Giveaways!



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