REVIEW: Bandelettes

Bandelettes-The sexy way to prevent "Chub Rub."
I'd say pretty much every woman has thighs that touch-if you don't you are either 12, or you might need a sammich.  :)
I'd say the most important thing to ordering these is ordering the correct size. Their sizes range from A (21″ – 22″) to E (29″ – 30″). I should've ordered a size up!
These are actually quite comfy!  I don't know if I am brave enough to let them show-but I am a total dress girl..and I live in Florida. You can ONLY imagine what my thighs go through. UGH.
I have tried everything, nothing powder or cream seemed to work long term for me. 
Each pair is only $14.99 and they come in a variety of colors.  I choose black, because it goes with everything.

I HIGHLY suggest these for any dress girls like me, or even if you want to wear them under shorts!

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