Simply Bracelet Review + Giveaway!

I was lucky enough to try out a bracelet by Simply Bracelet!  This one I tried is an Alex & Ani style, it is Gold with a Gold starfish charm.  If you know me, you know I am OBSESSED with this style of bracelet, and now have one in each metal tone! 

This bracelet is a little larger of a size, than the other ones(from other companies) that I own. I like that, because it is more of a bangle style. It is SO easy to slip on and off, but not too big where you worry about it falling off. SO comfy!

Simply Bracelet gives you a few different options. If you want to buy a specific bracelet, you can from the shop on her site.  Her prices are definitely reasonable. 

She also offers Bracelet of the Month, or Earrings of the Month.

Here is some info from the site about the Bracelet of the Month option:
"For only $9.95 of month you will receive a beautiful bracelet each month. Shipping is Free !
Simply keep the bracelets for yourself or give away as gift, your friends will love you. And don't forget about your mother & grandmother.

All bracelets retail much higher then $9.95 so what a great deal for you.
No contract and easy cancellation at anytime. We use PayPal for payment transaction, safe and secure all times

Each month we will pick a trendy,in-style, latest fashion bracelet to send out to you.
What fun. A gift to yourself each month .

There are no returns on club bracelets, if there is any damage to our products we will be glad to send you another.

Just click "Subscribe" below, and the link will direct you to PayPal. You do not need a account to use PayPal. PayPal will direct you. You will receive your 1st bracelet within 10 days
If you like bracelet of the month club please refer us to a friend and will send you a extra FREE bracelet at no charge. Just contact me through email."

The Earrings of the Month option is the same price & info!
You can win this bracelet pictured from Simply Bracelet!

The giveaway will be an exclusive Facebook giveaway! Head over to to enter!


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