Honeycat Cosmetics Review!

Everyone knows that I am a LUSH junkie, so as far as bodycare, that is what I base everything off of.  I was super excited to get my hands dirty with a different brand, Honeycat Cosmetics!  (It doesn't hurt how everything is Kitty-themed. How. Freaking. Cute!)

The packaging is to die for.  You can tell they really put their hearts into each and every product.
The first product I got to try was the Amenity Kit-ty. This contained a Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Lotion and Shower gel.

The next item I got was the Heme Dream Bath Fizzy.
This smelled AMAZING! Who doesn't love Pomegranate! This was the one product I was most interested about. I LOVED the way this one smelled.  I was aware that this had red body glitter on it, so keep that in mine when purchasing! I wish this one was a little more oily, but like I said, I am also used to Lush's Bath products.

The last item I got to review was the set of Chocolate Bath Melt Treats. AHHHH I'M IN LOVE! These guys are tiny, but they pack a PUNCH.  I really enjoy the scent of these as well. I like to cocktail these with a super scented bath bomb. These are hands down my favorite! I highly recommend these!

Hope you check these purrrrrfect products out!


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