Pitiful little puppy of mine...

If we are friends on facebook, you know that we LOVE our little guy! My page is always spammed with pictures of him, but I just can't help it! He is so darn cute!
Here he is at about 9 weeks old when we first got him:

Paisley went to get neutured on Thursday morning at 7 A.M., and of course, I was in tears.  He had never been through anything like this before, so of course being the worrier I am, thought of the worst.

Nick said that as soon as he got on the leash with the Vet Tech he ran off and was absolutely fine. (Until she left him alone in the room to talk to Nick, that is.)
The day seemed to drag on and on, as we couldn't pick him up til about 4:30pm.
We had gone to lunch, done some grocery shopping, and run a ton of errands.  Finally the time came!!  We practically ran into the pet hospital to pick him up!  We first made sure to purchase a new toy & treat to help distract him from what was going on.

When we finally got to see him he was pitiful.  He looked so loopy, and you could tell he was just kind of out of it.  He even had a little bandage on his arm from getting his shots and bloodwork done. :(
I am just so happy with the treatment he got while he was there! He was following the vet tech like a little lost puppy (pun intended.)  He managed to go number 1 & 2 before we made it to the car! (and screw you to the jerk who wanted to yell at him for pooping in the parking lot...you could obviously tell he was sick & you are a jerk.)

This was his first time in the car, EVER.  Normally we just take him everywhere in the truck because he likes to stick his head out the window.  BUT it was extremely hot that day.  You can see him here with his NEW duck,  the original one is in the picture above.  He is a teething puppy and nearly all of his toys are getting destroyed.

The most eventful thing of all was definitely him used to the cone, which is still a work in progress. 
He has a skinny neck with a long nose, so getting it to fit properly is a difficult task.  Also, its hard to have him running into everything.
I think he is getting used to it.  I think it's a mixture of everything that makes him have trouble getting comfortable & being able to sleep. He is extremely hyper and high energy, so getting him to calm down is like pulling teeth.  Luckily he sleeps a lot during the day, so of course that helps.
Here is the cone of shame-day 2.  Things are continuing to improve. We left him alone in his crate for about 30 minutes today to run down the road to grab something to eat, & it was successful.   He has trouble manuvering around in his crate with the cone on, but I think that is a blessing so he can't lick his wounds. Nick took another day off, and I have Sunday off so atleast someone will be home with him. I'll keep you updated!

Also, we feed him actually like twice what you should for a puppy his age, but he still seems a little underweight.  The vet says he is just high energy & high metabolism, and we should switch to a high-er fat puppy food to avoid him having to get prescription food.. Any ideas?


Amanda C said...

We had that problem when we had a german shepherd. he was sick when we got him and we brought him back to health and poor thing was so underweight. We gave him Wellness brand dog food (way expensive but he needed all the health help he could get!) but to help him gain weight we gave him a high calorie supplement. It's supposed to help dogs gain weight using more calories but still filled with nutrients. http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4301544&lmdn=Dog+Health+Care
hope this helps!

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