Dog Lovers Cravebox Review

Hey Y'all!

Here is our review on the Dog Lover's Cravebox review.

We were really impressed with this! It was a great value at only $12!
Unfortunately, paisley isn't old enough to have the rawhides, BUT he really enjoyed everything else.

I love these types of things! I love the surprise & excite of it each time.
Here is a list of everything that came in the box:
TropiClean Fresh Breath Gel- I don't really see any difference in tartar buildup or anything, but Paisley HATES this haha!
Fido's Cookies: Paisley LOVEDDDD this! It looked exactly like a human cookie, so cute!
Canine Caviar Buffalo Stix: Great treat! Would possibly purchase in the future. Nice alternative to rawhide
Scott Pet Pork Chomps: Unfortunately Paisley is too little for these :( but I hide them away for later!
Kong Chewy Treats: I find that Kong items just aren't at all worth the money, but these were nice little treats
Pet bowl Mat: Love this! It definitely does a great job, even with our fat baby who pushes his bowls around!

I have mixed reviews of Cravebox as a whole though.  After being so pleased with this one, I decided to order the Summer Beauty box & was EXTREMELY disappointed.
Look to my next post for that review :)


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